About Us  

We are one of service companies for customs inspection , import and export provider, shipping Air and ocean cargo, handles all service which are related to international market as well as effecting and shaping the Egyptian Economy making it a promising and a huge one among the international market for other countries.

United Cargo Systems was established in 1996, As a private owned company and now has got two offices and a warehouse.

The head office is located at Sheraton area at the Commercial and business building number 2 which is very close to the airport and the operation office is located at The Cairo International Airport, in the heart of the cargo Village. We have got good and great exprience in all transport transaction.

Our main target is to give our clients " Trouble Free shipping " we are also looking for the best way to go with experience into the future . 

We are licensed Custom Brokers / freight forwarders and have been operating in the custom brokerage business / freight forwarding business since 1996.

We are currently a team of qualified hard working staff in different sections and departments within the company branches. 

U C S has been successfully trading for over 10 years. Our continued growth is attributable to strong company management and financial stability . Our commitment to service excellence has established us as one of Egyptian leading customs clearance , and  freight service providers.

Our success is a result of good support and relationship built up over many years with the Egyptian Customs Authorities leaders, and with our customer, as well as with our business partners, all over the world.

We deliver superior quality service that meets or exceeds our  customer's exceptions.

We create a safe, rewarding and supportive work environment.

We meet all commitments to customers, our communities, our employees and our company .

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