Getting it there by land, sea or air.

If you import and distribute goods or materials into EGYPT, chances are you're tired of complexities, hand-offs and added costs, looking for an export expert and partner, we are a license customs broker and member of the biggest Globel Network of Logistics all over the world

We save you time.

       United Cargo Systems is a revolutionary way to ship cargo to multiple destinations in EGYPT and World Wide. It combines these steps into one seamless process. By managing the entire process ourselves, we eliminate hand-offs and unnecessary steps. Whether you prefer to ship by air or ocean, we can cut days off your traditional cycle time.

      We run your business faster and more safe with regard to shipping and customs clearance .

We save you money.

     Saving time means saving money. In addition to reducing cycle time, and warehouse handling cost, you will save by working with just one company, one bill, and one tracking and tracing system.

We're United Cargo systems .

How do we do it? With infrastructure and services like these:

  • A leader in small package ground transportation, delivery to every business address World wide.
  • Access to the industry's largest fleet of wide body aircraft.
  • Trade facilitation, consulting services and value-added technology.

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